Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Pocket Prayers - 36 Praises & Graces for All Faiths

June Cotner has introduced a wonderful blessing!

Just recently, my pastor spoke about giving "your first and best to God." Included in this were the first words and thoughts of our day. Now, I don't know about you, but I'm not my most pleasant in the morning. Because of that, I needed a little help. Thankfully, I received a complimentary "Pocket Prayers" from Ms. June Cotner.

In "Pocket Prayers", Ms. Cotner has collected 36 prayers (some poetry, some sayings) and printed one on each card. They are great for coffee tables (for others to inquire), as well as gifts and for myself, my first thought of the day. I leave my pocket prayers on the side of my bed and as I get up in the morning, I shuffle the deck and pull one. The words give me focus for the day and a chance to praise God as my first act of the morning.

Being a Christian, I use the words on each card as Christian inspiration, however, the poetry Ms. Cotner has chosen for "Pocket Prayers" is not Christian scripture. Instead, the words of expression can be utilized in any belief system the reader may hold. The messages are about positive progression and the chrysalises of the human spirit struggling to emerge itself from the storms of life. In the tumultuous world in which we live, the words of encouragement are refreshing and fulfilling.

I highly urge you to order a deck for yourself. Furthermore, as I judge the extraordinary expressions Ms. Cotner chose to portray in "Pocket Prayers", I plan to order some of her other books, but this time on my own dime!