Monday, June 17, 2013

The Rockin' Chair - Steve Manchester

From the early years, boys adore their mom and love their dad. As they get older, they still adore mom and tend to "admire" dad. As they become men, they still adore mom and they have "respect" for dad. What happens to the 10 year old boy who kisses his dad "good night"? Why do dad and son become "fierce" adversaries rather than being "bonded" for life? Its not because they don't love one another, because they do. Mom becomes the only glue that binds them together.

But what happens when the glue begins to fade?

Grampa John McCarthy and his son, Hank McCarthy have gone through all of these phases, answered all of these questions and their roads have taken different directions...preferably the farthest away from each other! They find out that even though they thought they were traveling in opposite directions...their destinations seem to have the same horizon. They realize that even thought their "glue" is fading, it is still much stronger than either ever recognized!

I have read and reviewed hundreds of novels in my life. Many of them have given me new perspective but NONE have ever "changed my life"...except this one. Steven Manchester's book, "The Rockin' Chair" not only changed my life, but I believe it changed the lives of my family for generations to come. This book soulfully examines that "hidden" family love we all have, but are afraid to share...especially between a father and a son.

"The Rockin' Chair" taught me not to be ashamed of expressing my love for or woman. It taught me that love is not love unless it is GIVEN. If there were such a thing as "Father & Son Book Club's", this would be the ultimate pick. Men and women alike, I urge you to allow this book to touch your soul as well. I promise that you won't regret it!

Robert Denson
Sunpiper Book Review