Saturday, October 01, 2005

A Break in the Storm - Arnold Simon

Hindsight is 20/20.

If you ask most any American what they though of Adolf Hitler, they will possibly refer to him as evil, as a murderer, crazy and some would even refer to him as “The Anti-Christ”. In my opinion, all of these are adequate and I could add more, however, my feelings were manifested because ‘hindsight is 20/20’. But what if I had been born German? What if I had been living as a teenager in Germany during 1936? Would my opinion of Adolf Hitler be as concrete as it is now?

Author, Arnold Simon, tackles this subject brilliantly in his novel, “A Break in the Storm”. Simon magnificently paints for the reader a clear, 1936, German vision through the eyes of the lead character Erich Behrndt and others.

Behrndt is an enthusiastic and idealistic young German whose father died in World War I. He later watched his mother work herself to death to afford him an education and a better life in their homeland. Behrndt feels he has found the potential for his life when he is taken to hear a powerful and charismatic, German leader. The leader was Adolf Hitler.

Behrndt is seduced by the promise of making his country strong again. He is drawn in by the promise of restoring pride and glory to his country. Behrndt is hooked by the idea that he will have the opportunity to “make his father proud”. He eagerly joins Hitler’s movement, not realizing that his idealism, sought through a Nazi government, would come with an expensive price tag.

Simon uses colorful (yet realistic) characters to adequately express (what I consider) the different ideals of a struggling social climate whose ultimate future, in our hindsight, is predestined. Nevertheless, through the interaction of these characters, Simon demonstrates how close the world came to avoiding World War II.

Simon’s accounts are so clear and precise, you might wonder if it is truly ‘fiction’. This book lends human emotion to an era most of us only read about in textbooks. Arnold Simon delivers unparalleled social, political and historical fiction in “A Break in the Storm”. I recommend it to everyone that enjoys history and pays respect to the WWII generation.

Beneath Wings of an Angel: Healing the Child Within, A Spiritual Healing Journey to Recovery from Domestic Violence - Janice Romney Farnsworth

Against all odds, GOD is still there.

People often ask, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” When things happen that we just don’t believe can be in GOD’s plan, we begin to question HIS existence. Where is GOD when a young child is being molested? Where is GOD when innocence is being stolen by evil? People are quick to compare their pains to those of Job, however, not many can actually identify. I believe, however, Janice Romney Farnsworth can.

Author, Janice Romney Farnsworth’s life’s testimony, Beneath Wings of an Angel: Healing the Child Within, A Spiritual Healing Journey to Recovery from Domestic Violence is a true, modern-day version of the Book of Job. Ms. Farnsworth reveals the torment of her inner soul, as Satan seems to hijack every male that enters into her life and take away everything she has, except her life. She readily admits that even though these men did not end her life, she wanted to end it…and tried.

Beneath Wings of an Angel, the inspirational and spiritual journey of Janice Romney Farnsworth, travels in both directions…into the future and deep into the past. During this journey, she realized that she’d been programmed to be a victim from her earliest of memories. She had dealt with abuse so much; she thought it was the way her life was supposed to be. So what changed Janice Farnsworth? At one of the lowest points in her life, GOD spoke to her.

Since that revelation, Janice Romney Farnsworth has become a champion for women dealing with domestic violence and abuse (and the abuse is not always physical). She is a hero to ALL victims because her story does not stop with her abuse. The abuse is only a steppingstone to the inspiration she received directly from GOD, which she now wishes to share with the world.

Not only does Beneath Wings of an Angel contain the trials of the author, but invaluable information regarding domestic violence. This is an inspirational book that could change your life if you are willing to accept the message. If you are not in need of its powerful message, I’m sure that you know someone who does. Through this book, Janice Romney Farnsworth can supply the tools to help them free themselves from abuse’s evil bondage.

Adrenaline - John Benedict

God Complex.

Doctors are often labeled with having God complexes. Sitting upon the pedestal in which the public has placed them, it is easy to believe the supreme beings, adorned in their white coats, pick and choose who lives or dies…but what happens if it is true?

Doug Landry, a young anesthesiologist, finds himself asking this very question. When a string of patients start dying by extraordinary, ‘accidental’ circumstances, Doug is forced to investigate the very colleagues with whom he works everyday. He must determine whether the Grim Reaper is frequenting Mercy Hospital by chance, or is he being continually summoned?

Properly entitled, Adrenaline is a thrill ride from the opening chapter. Dr. John Benedict has written a novel encompassing the intrigue of Michael Crichton’s “E.R.” combined with the thrill of “Crime Scene Investigations.” More than this, however, John Benedict takes the reader into the life and mind of a doctor. Though some doctors may have God complexes, with these complexes come an awesome sense of responsibility for the lives that are in their care.

In Chapter 8 of Adrenaline, Benedict writes, “Mike realized that all doctors must face this crossroads at some point in their careers. If they detach too much from their patient’s pain, they become heartless bastards with no sense of caring or empathy, no ability to heal the soul, the most important part of their patient. If they don’t detach at all, they risk being dashed on the rocks of human suffering.” This was a spectacular observation, which I’d never considered before I read this book.

Benedict does a wonderful job in taking his reader into the operating rooms, the conference rooms, the locker rooms and even in the privacy of the doctors’ stalls (have to read the book to understand that one). He also takes the reader into the political realm of doctors, the blame games and the finger pointing.

Adrenaline is a thrill ride from beginning to end. This is a top-notch medical thriller and I hope it is the first of many from Benedict. He could easily become the next Dean Koontz with a medical degree.

Corinthia: My Name is Corinthia - Leonard 'CRUZE' Webb

Corinthia Helene Myers is an average 10-year old girl living in the “City of Brotherly Love”. What she wants to tell you about is her first day in the public school system after years of Catholic school. In classic ‘10-year old’ dialogue, her story seems to take detours along the scenic route, allowing you to see more of her past than her present. The scenic view, however, is beautiful and the more Corinthia reveals to you, the more you realize; “Corinthia is not average at all!”

Author and cartoonist, Leonard ‘CRUZE’ Webb has created the sweetest, most adorable character in Corinthia Myers. Her mannerisms, her discussions and her wandering dialogue epitomizes the excitement and enthusiasm of a young girl ‘just dying’ to tell you her story. Webb, with his unique gift of cartooning, helps that much more with his illustrations.

As Corinthia holds your hand and walks you down the road of her life, you realize that her gifts are evident to everyone—except Corinthia. It might be because she talks more than she listens or it might be because she takes everything in stride. Either way, her story is meaningful, spiritual and enjoyable.

Corinthia Helene Myers’ innocence is sure to capture your heart. I thoroughly enjoyed Corinthia’s story, however, since I did not feel I was the intended audience, I consulted a professional…my 8-year old niece.

Vanishia, my niece, could completely identify with Corinthia and loved the character. She was excited about reading the book and was disappointed that she finished it so quickly. She was very pleased to know that it was the first in a series of books, and told me she wanted every one. I know Webb has at least one die hard fan!

Len ‘Cruze’ Webb has tapped into a market that has been sorely ignored. Corinthia is an African-American role model with a special gift from GOD and she is sharing it with EVERYONE. I strongly recommend this book for any young child just finding their direction in life. I guarantee that Corinthia will grab their hearts, minds and hands and guide them in the right direction.

From the Path - Verses on the Mystic Journey - William W. Simpson

We are all on the path of our lives. The path that leads from birth to childhood, youth to maturity, work, family, advanced years, death and to the life beyond. Each of us was born with a purpose—with an intention to manifest certain qualities, to learn particular lessons and to share particular experiences with each other. We are put here together, so that we might discover and share our lives—together—in service and love to each other. In the end, all our paths lead to the same place, our home in Spirit. But we each have our own unique way of getting there.

I honestly cannot think of much more to add to the aforementioned wisdom that describes the book “From The Path – Verses on the Mystic Journey” by William W. Simpson. However, since the aforementioned wisdom is not my own, I will give it a try.

The quotation is from the foreword of “From The Path – Verses on the Mystic Journey” which was written by the author/poet on Sept. 20, 2004, which happens to be the day before my 35th birthday. Is this a coincidence? Only you can be the judge, however, I was honored to review this poetic collection and am now just as honored to share its effects on me with you.

From The Path – Verses on the Mystic Journey” is full of philosophy, lessons of life as well as moments of spiritual awakening and consciousness. As I read these jewels of verse, I would find myself reading silent prayers. I would turn the page and find myself gazing into the heavens at the wonders of GOD’s creations. On the next page, I would find myself reminiscing about moments of my life that were long forgotten. I found myself caught up in each page, spiritually moved with the written testimony represented in the words of Mr. Simpson.

Though “From The Path – Verses on the Mystic Journey” chronicles the conscious journey of William Simpson, you will find a bit of yourself in each verse. If you consider yourself a spiritually inclined person, you will enjoy each and every page of this book. If you are a seeker of spirituality, the book also includes a bonus chapter entitled "First Steps" - a collection of practical techniques for growth and transformation including detailed instructions on: Practicing The Presence, Affirmations, Meditation, Chanting Om, Watching The Breath, Sitting In The Stillness, Loving, Giving All Actions To God and Practicing "The Last Day".

For more information on the author, a few sample poems and purchasing the book, please visit I believe you will enjoy Mr. Simpson’s “Path” just as much as I.