Monday, March 10, 2008

She Came From Heaven by Rosanne Pellicane

Delightful. This book can easily be summed up in this one simple word. Delightful.

Rosanne Pellicane, former interior designer, weaves a story that comes from her own personal archives. With a graceful, flowing and storyteller style, Pellicane takes us into her own marriage and relationships and struggles and, more particularly, into the relationship between her and a stray puppy that appeared on her doorstop without any clue to her whereabouts. The black labrador retriever is quickly adopted by Pellicane and her husband and named, Whimsey.

As Pellicane faces personal, spiritual and vocational challenges, including a husband she has a hard time figuring out, Whimsey is a constant and faithful companion that seems to be able to calm and comfort in any situation.

This story is well-written, not only from the perspective of real life twists and turns that you would never expect, but also because Pellicane has a talent for drawing you into her story, crying and laughing--and eating--along with her, a feat which most autobiographers fail to accomplish. This story truly reads like fiction and is worthy of a Saturday afternoon of reading.

Pellicane is working on a couple of other books. I look forward to reading those as well.

Darlene Oakley
The Supiper Book Review
Freelance Editor & Suspense Fiction Writer