Monday, September 24, 2007

Eden's Way - Beverly Money Luke

Some marriages slowly fade away while others end with a firestorm. Misty Barnes witnesses the firestorm one beautiful day when her neighbor blows up his home - with his wife still inside. For reasons Misty herself doesn't understand, she begins to question her own marriage and the life that she and her husband have built together.

She and her husband, Day, have the perfect "image". They are pillars of their community; they attend church regularly, and Day even serves as a church deacon. They have good jobs, a beautiful home, and all the trappings of a successful suburban couple. But the thoughts that haunt Misty as she looks at the rubble across her perfectly manicured lawn concern what lies beneath the surface. If everything is so right, why does it FEEL so wrong? And if her marriage is all that it should be, why is her husband never at home?

Misty devises a plan, but her plan doesn't have the happy ending she expected, nor is it without its share of unintended consequences. As Misty journeys down a lonely and confusing path, she must face her life without the "whitewash". She must look at the truth about her marriage and her husband. She must find strength within herself to survive.

*Eden's Way* takes a no-holds-barred look at Christian marriage and examines the reasons that so many "picture perfect" marriages (from the outside, at least) fall apart. It is by turns heart-warming and gut-wrenching. And consistently, it causes the reader to ask questions about the life and relationships within that life. Difficult to put down, this is a work of fiction that is also a "must read" for any Christian facing an unexpected divorce or relationship crisis. As she endeavors to explain what Christian marriage should be - and where so many go wrong - Beverly Money Luke speaks to the head, and to the heart. And Misty's story gives hope for a new tomorrow!

Alesha Gee
The Sunpiper Book Review

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