Sunday, December 09, 2007

Spirits in the Garden - Joan Solomon


If there was one word that could summarize this book, that would be it.

I appreciate a book of vivid colors and creative imagery on what we are missing in the world around us. I appreciate being challenged to not pass by these everyday things and dismiss them as ordinary. There is just so much more to them than we ever thought possible.

Joan Solomon has put together a book that does just that.

"...we are encouraged to see life from a fresh perspective." (Page 28)

Joan Solomon certainly does that. Through fascinating photos taken at just the precise moment to capture the "faces" or "spirits" of the garden, Solomon carries us through a garden and provides that "fresh perspective". Through her photos and descriptions Solomon demonstrates very vividly Thomas Moore's quote (page 33) "Entering a garden is like passing through a mystical gate. Things are not the same on the other side."

Not only does she present a fresh perspective on how to perceive the buds and flowers in the everyday garden, she also presents facts about each plant she has photographed. She explains how some have medicinal purposes and the variety of ways they can be prepared to heal or to nourish. And, then--very much to my delight--Solomon provides recipes, remedies and preparation methods for each of the plants in her book.

Enjoy this book. Be fascinated! And watch for the small wonders in the world around you!

Darlene Oakley
The Sunpiper Book Review

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