Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Review: The Shuddering

The Shuddering The Shuddering by Ania Ahlborn
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Do you know those kids that like to take so much time, effort, care and detail in building a sand castle on the beach only to find pleasure in dismantling and destroying it with vigorous enthusiasm? I'm wondering if Ania Alhborn was one of those kids...

"The Shuddering" is a story of five friends (well, three friends, one tag-a-long and one outsider) that are to spend a few days together, one last time, before they each take their fork in the road that leads to the rest of their lives. They do so at a luxurious cabin on a snow capped mountain owned by the father of twins, Ryan and Jane. Everyone had ulterior motives for which all others seemed to know, but ignored out of friendship (an attempt not to ruin this last outing). Who was to know that their hidden secrets and desires that would ultimately unfurl would pale in comparison to monstrosities they would have to encounter!

I realize how much a book has reached me when I find myself getting angry with the author. I found myself cursing the author several times while reading "The Shuddering". She would magically open a door into the lives of her complex characters; feeling intimate with their plight...all for the pleasure of gut punching you when she takes it all away!

"The Shuddering" was a great tale which will have you frustrated, excited and sometimes numbed by the scenes that unfold before you!

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