Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Healer's Way

"The Healer's Way" Bringing Hands-On Compassion to a Love-Starved World
By: Earnie Larsen with Carol Larsen Hegarty

In this age of self-help books on every subject imaginable--how to find the right man/woman, how to cure oneself of alcoholism, how to lose weight and keep it off--Earnie Larsen sets himself apart from all the rest.

"The Healer's Way" is an in-depth and detailed look at the inner workings of a person's mind and psyche, and how the "training" we receive as children based on the care we receive from our parents or caregivers shapes how we respond psychologically to the events that we face throughout our lives--abusive spouses, alcoholism, drug addiction.

Through elegant, flowing, storyteller prose, Larsen uses simple, yet, direct analogies and stories to emphasize his point. He uses examples of people he has met to illustrate his thoughts and bring the advice and situation home to a person dealing with that particular difficulty. He presents a fresh perspective and effective imagery to the nature of healing.

He takes the reader through a thorough and detailed look at "The Hoop"--all the things that happen from the very beginning (core needs not being met) to the culmination of a crisis in a person's life, which cannot be overcome. Unless this whole hoop of conditions is addressed, a person can never truly heal.

If you are looking for a different self-help book. A book that takes you step-by-step through what you truly need to do to be healed and not just survive one crisis after need to read this book.

Darlene Oakley
The Sunpiper Book Review

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