Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Spiriting Around: A Modern Guide to Finding Yourself by Martin "Mark" Tomback

Martin "Mark" Tomback gives a new outlook to spirituality in this modern guide to finding happiness with yourself. This guide is just that, a guide to growing up a facing the reality of life itself. This is not your normal book about God and spirituality.

The book may have been written with teens in mind but anyone can gain knowledge to all aspects of life and learn to stand by their actions and be responsible for them. It is broken down into six chapters of "steps" in how to work toward goals, find what’s right for you and how to follow through to accomplish those goals and any you might have in the future.Tomback tells us about everything from love to money, marriage to divorce, and to conflicts and controversies. Spirituality and God are also included in this journey of discovery, but he speaks more in a universal manner than as a lecturer.

He uses a common sense way to speak about growing up and finding solutions to problems and explains how to be patiently deal with them while staying focused. Life's resistances pop up at every corner, but with every problem there is a solution if you just know how to look for it in all the right places.

There are things we need in this life; a value system to live by, success that is worth all the effort put in, friends and true romance, and an understanding of society's rules and how to live within them without having to give up our own identity.

If you are looking for a thought provoking book about life or the functions of live in general, this book may be just the guide you need. A belief in god isn't a requirement to walk away with some great insight. Just a desire to be a better you and find our own happiness.

Jessica Koster
The Sunpiper Book Review

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