Friday, May 27, 2016

Review: The Bird Eater

The Bird Eater The Bird Eater by Ania Ahlborn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

One of the aspects that has drawn me to Ania Ahlborn's writing is that each horror story is plausible. You don't have to stretch your imagination to find yourself in the shoes of her characters. In, "The Bird Eater" she exposed my darkest fear...losing the ability to trust my mind!

Aaron Holbrooke has lived his whole life on borrowed time. Doomed from birth, his whole life is plagued with tragic losses. However, when he loses his son, there is no more hope for his sanity. To find his center, he is persuaded to go back to where it all began, his hometown of Ironwood, Arkansas - where he'd literally vanished 20 years prior.

He returns to the house in which he'd lived 14 years with his Aunt Edie; prepared to renovate it and "maybe" sell it. With the full intention of getting a hold on his life, Aaron is preparing to wage war against his inner demons. What he finds out is that he is severely outnumbered. There are more demons than he ever imagined; some real, some imaginary, but all of them SINISTER! In his downward spiral, Aaron learns the truth about his friends, his family and himself and in the end NO ONE will be the same.

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