Saturday, October 01, 2005

Beneath Wings of an Angel: Healing the Child Within, A Spiritual Healing Journey to Recovery from Domestic Violence - Janice Romney Farnsworth

Against all odds, GOD is still there.

People often ask, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” When things happen that we just don’t believe can be in GOD’s plan, we begin to question HIS existence. Where is GOD when a young child is being molested? Where is GOD when innocence is being stolen by evil? People are quick to compare their pains to those of Job, however, not many can actually identify. I believe, however, Janice Romney Farnsworth can.

Author, Janice Romney Farnsworth’s life’s testimony, Beneath Wings of an Angel: Healing the Child Within, A Spiritual Healing Journey to Recovery from Domestic Violence is a true, modern-day version of the Book of Job. Ms. Farnsworth reveals the torment of her inner soul, as Satan seems to hijack every male that enters into her life and take away everything she has, except her life. She readily admits that even though these men did not end her life, she wanted to end it…and tried.

Beneath Wings of an Angel, the inspirational and spiritual journey of Janice Romney Farnsworth, travels in both directions…into the future and deep into the past. During this journey, she realized that she’d been programmed to be a victim from her earliest of memories. She had dealt with abuse so much; she thought it was the way her life was supposed to be. So what changed Janice Farnsworth? At one of the lowest points in her life, GOD spoke to her.

Since that revelation, Janice Romney Farnsworth has become a champion for women dealing with domestic violence and abuse (and the abuse is not always physical). She is a hero to ALL victims because her story does not stop with her abuse. The abuse is only a steppingstone to the inspiration she received directly from GOD, which she now wishes to share with the world.

Not only does Beneath Wings of an Angel contain the trials of the author, but invaluable information regarding domestic violence. This is an inspirational book that could change your life if you are willing to accept the message. If you are not in need of its powerful message, I’m sure that you know someone who does. Through this book, Janice Romney Farnsworth can supply the tools to help them free themselves from abuse’s evil bondage.

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