Saturday, October 01, 2005

From the Path - Verses on the Mystic Journey - William W. Simpson

We are all on the path of our lives. The path that leads from birth to childhood, youth to maturity, work, family, advanced years, death and to the life beyond. Each of us was born with a purpose—with an intention to manifest certain qualities, to learn particular lessons and to share particular experiences with each other. We are put here together, so that we might discover and share our lives—together—in service and love to each other. In the end, all our paths lead to the same place, our home in Spirit. But we each have our own unique way of getting there.

I honestly cannot think of much more to add to the aforementioned wisdom that describes the book “From The Path – Verses on the Mystic Journey” by William W. Simpson. However, since the aforementioned wisdom is not my own, I will give it a try.

The quotation is from the foreword of “From The Path – Verses on the Mystic Journey” which was written by the author/poet on Sept. 20, 2004, which happens to be the day before my 35th birthday. Is this a coincidence? Only you can be the judge, however, I was honored to review this poetic collection and am now just as honored to share its effects on me with you.

From The Path – Verses on the Mystic Journey” is full of philosophy, lessons of life as well as moments of spiritual awakening and consciousness. As I read these jewels of verse, I would find myself reading silent prayers. I would turn the page and find myself gazing into the heavens at the wonders of GOD’s creations. On the next page, I would find myself reminiscing about moments of my life that were long forgotten. I found myself caught up in each page, spiritually moved with the written testimony represented in the words of Mr. Simpson.

Though “From The Path – Verses on the Mystic Journey” chronicles the conscious journey of William Simpson, you will find a bit of yourself in each verse. If you consider yourself a spiritually inclined person, you will enjoy each and every page of this book. If you are a seeker of spirituality, the book also includes a bonus chapter entitled "First Steps" - a collection of practical techniques for growth and transformation including detailed instructions on: Practicing The Presence, Affirmations, Meditation, Chanting Om, Watching The Breath, Sitting In The Stillness, Loving, Giving All Actions To God and Practicing "The Last Day".

For more information on the author, a few sample poems and purchasing the book, please visit I believe you will enjoy Mr. Simpson’s “Path” just as much as I.

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