Saturday, October 01, 2005

Corinthia: My Name is Corinthia - Leonard 'CRUZE' Webb

Corinthia Helene Myers is an average 10-year old girl living in the “City of Brotherly Love”. What she wants to tell you about is her first day in the public school system after years of Catholic school. In classic ‘10-year old’ dialogue, her story seems to take detours along the scenic route, allowing you to see more of her past than her present. The scenic view, however, is beautiful and the more Corinthia reveals to you, the more you realize; “Corinthia is not average at all!”

Author and cartoonist, Leonard ‘CRUZE’ Webb has created the sweetest, most adorable character in Corinthia Myers. Her mannerisms, her discussions and her wandering dialogue epitomizes the excitement and enthusiasm of a young girl ‘just dying’ to tell you her story. Webb, with his unique gift of cartooning, helps that much more with his illustrations.

As Corinthia holds your hand and walks you down the road of her life, you realize that her gifts are evident to everyone—except Corinthia. It might be because she talks more than she listens or it might be because she takes everything in stride. Either way, her story is meaningful, spiritual and enjoyable.

Corinthia Helene Myers’ innocence is sure to capture your heart. I thoroughly enjoyed Corinthia’s story, however, since I did not feel I was the intended audience, I consulted a professional…my 8-year old niece.

Vanishia, my niece, could completely identify with Corinthia and loved the character. She was excited about reading the book and was disappointed that she finished it so quickly. She was very pleased to know that it was the first in a series of books, and told me she wanted every one. I know Webb has at least one die hard fan!

Len ‘Cruze’ Webb has tapped into a market that has been sorely ignored. Corinthia is an African-American role model with a special gift from GOD and she is sharing it with EVERYONE. I strongly recommend this book for any young child just finding their direction in life. I guarantee that Corinthia will grab their hearts, minds and hands and guide them in the right direction.

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