Friday, November 11, 2005

The Early Horror Works of H.P. Lovecraft

Call me cynical and morbid, however, two of my favorite authors are Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King. These two authors have always been able to express man’s greatest struggle with the battle with inner fear rather than with outside circumstances. I did not think there were any other authors that could adequately portray this struggle on paper, until now. The funny thing is, I did not discover this through reading but from listening. Let me explain.

Though my bookshelves are filled with hardbound books, both for reading and for collecting, I have long since been a huge fan of audio books. Audio books are not only time beneficial, but educational as well. I have long believed that audio books are the wave of the literary future. Finally, someone else agrees with me...Classic CD Books.

Classic CD Books introduced me to classic writer, H.P. Lovecraft and his early horror works. Narrated and performed by former radio DJ, Erik Sellin, the five stories (The Beast in the Cave, Dagon, The Statement of Randolph Carter, The Terrible Old Man and The Music of Erich Zann) practically come to life as the words flow from the speakers. Erik Sellin does a marvelous job of making each sentence breathe through his emotion and pitch.

In my favorite of the five, The Beast in the Cave, a hiker is separated from his group and finds himself alone in a cave...or so he thinks. He is terrified because he has no idea where he is or how to get out. He soon realizes that he is not alone and that there is a creature lurking in the dark just beyond his vision. The creature seems to be stalking his every move. Reminiscent of Poe and King, Lovecraft does a marvelous job in describing the fear of mankind and the desperate actions taken when succumbed by fear.

This audio production was quite a wonderful way to discover and indulge in old classics! Visit or order it on Amazon. I am looking forward to many more classics to be so eloquently produced by Classic CD Books. Long live the audio revolution!

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