Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The God's Honest Truth - Darin Hufford

This book had a profound effect upon me. You may ask, “Why this one more than other books?” It was so profound to me because this book was about me.

No, I did not write this book. It was written by Darin Hufford, the founder and director of Married to the Master Ministries (www.phoenixnightlight.com) based in Phoenix, Arizona. The book resonated with me so much because like myself, Darin had to lose his religion before his spiritual connection with GOD was taken to another level. The most magnificent aspect of Darin’s epiphany is when GOD revealed it to him. It was not when he was lost and confused in worldly means. It was while he watched an auditorium fill with Christians coming to hear the word of GOD. What Darin realized was that the majority of the people entering the conference were in spiritual pain. In Darin’s words, “The people were basically disappointed with their religion. It was if they had been sold something by a con artist and once they got it home, it didn’t work.”

Wow! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve experienced this in my life. When I was in rebellion and away from the church, I cannot tell you how many times I watched Christians who had found Jesus that continued carrying their own burdens. Christians have no idea how much they deter people who want to find GOD from coming to church. When those that are lost see the ‘churchgoers’ still burdened with spiritual pain, they don’t see a benefit. Why trade pain for another pain? So rather than embrace Christians—they flee! Darin’s message on this subject is, “There is a power in GOD’s kindness that can literally carry you to freedom!”

Please realize that the focus in this message is not on the church but on the perception of religion. “The purpose of this book is not to expose the faults of the Church, but to declare the truth and beauty of GOD.” And what a beauty Darin Hufford shares in The God’s Honest Truth. Hufford has delivered a message that strikes at the heart of the old as well as nourishes the roots of the young in Christ.

As I moved from chapter to chapter, I felt as if Darin Hufford was ministering directly to me. He gave me The God’s Honest Truth; addressing aspects of my own life, GOD’s love and what GOD has in store for us all. As he expresses the Divine message GOD asked him to deliver, Hufford constantly reminds you that, “Truth ceases to be the truth if it is spoken in any other tone than love.”
This is one of the most relevant and most powerful Christian books I have read for ‘spiritual’ seekers. Look for Hufford to be compared to Rick Warren and Joel Osteen. The God’s Honest Truth, in my opinion, is one of GOD’s best sellers.

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