Tuesday, November 22, 2005

You! The Journey to the Center Of Your Worth - Ed Young

Pastor Ed Young is a man on a mission. That mission is to change your life by introducing you to the second most important person in your life. You may ask, “Why wouldn’t I just want to know the MOST important person in my life first?” The answer is, “Because that person is YOU! And you can’t know the most important person in your life (our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ) until you first know YOU!” You might find this statement controversial, however, it is within you that He resides therefore that is where your search should begin.

With every Christian book I am privileged to review, I search to find something within the book that will help me learn and grow in my Christian life. In reading “You!” it was very easy to find what stood out the most for me. Pastor Young introduced me to the 4-F’s. The 4-F’s are four destructive tenets we experience that bring about our downfall.

The first is Fear. Our fear to be ‘found out’ is sometimes so strong that we try to camouflage our pain. Pastor Young explains how this fear grows and manifests in other aspects of our life. The second is Frustration. Frustration rears its ugly head when we won’t admit our mistake. The third tenet is Fatigue. Fatigue sets in when we get tired of dealing with the fear and the frustration. The continued juggling weighs heavy on your soul and it makes us easy prey of tenet four. Tenet four is Failure, which is what the enemy craves for you and I to experience.

You might think I’ve shared the premise of the book, however, the 4-F lesson is only three pages of the book!

Pastor Ed Young has created an extraordinary book to help young Christians find fulfillment in a Christian walk. It is a wonderful book that is easy to read and is perfect for youth groups. It is a great book to read together with a friend or just to read on your own.

YOU! The Journey to the Center of Your Worth offers insight for both the budding Christians and the seasoned Christian soldiers, the tools to make that journey. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I highly recommend it.

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