Thursday, November 17, 2005

Twist in Time - Bill Coate

You think you know history?

You might very well know the things that were taught to you in high school history class, but there is so much more to history than the stories that are told. There are many tidbits of history that were “left out” or “omitted” because they were felt to be unimportant.

In his book, “Twist in Time”, William S. Coate has captured and recorded some of the most intriguing, scarcely known facts of history. For example:

Did you know that there seemed to be a curse on almost every person remotely connected to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln? Coate lists eight people either directly connected to President Lincoln or to the events of his death. Each person either lost their minds or their lives, including the widowed first lady. Who were these people? You’ll have to see pages 100 and 101 of the book.

If that is not enough, consider this:

Did you know that Theodore Roosevelt was shot while running for another term as president? He was set to give a speech in Milwaukee and in route, he was shot in the chest at close range. Being the strong man that he was, Roosevelt ignored advice of doctors and gave the speech…with the bullet still in his chest! How did he survive? See pages 134 and 135.

I am quite fascinated with history. One of the things I liked most about “Twist in Time” is that I did not have to read it all at once. Every two to three pages are full stories within themselves. The book is very well crafted and provides much intrigue and mystery.

William (Bill) S. Coate has delivered a magnificent historical volume that will be sure to make the reader reign supreme in his/her knowledge of historical trivia. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

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