Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Spirit - Jean Emile Charon

Why are we here? What is our purpose in this existence?

If you are a believer in Creationism, you know GOD created the universe, the Earth and mankind. HE gave Adam dominion over the Earth, however, HE never explained why. If you are a firm believer in evolution, then these too have been questions that have plagued humankind since it formed a conscience. No matter which belief you subscribe to, world-renowned physicist, Jean Emile Charon has the answer; and the answer is “The Spirit”.

Jean Emile Charon, nuclear physicist, decided to include the phenomena of metaphysics in his work in 1959. Dr. Charon has written more than 25 books on the subjects of physics, scientific philosophy and computer science (visit www.jeanemilecharon.com to see his extraordinary curriculum vitae). His goal was to bridge GOD and science—and he succeeded. Most would classify this as a new age subject; however, Dr. Charon first published this book as “L’Esprit cet inconnu” in 1977.

In realizing this, it is amazing how enlightened Jean Emile Charon was during a time that it wasn’t so popular. Dr. Charon provides his foundation in history, explaining how almost every successful physicist (specifically Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein) wrote passionately about metaphysics. He also explains how succeeding scientists ignored and suppressed this information (reminiscent of Constantine’s ploy to decide approve and reject different books of The Bible) because they believed that since experiments could not be done and controlled, it was “out of our reach.” Dr. Charon believed that the very thing that physicists could not explain should be the very thing they sought to explain.

Jean Emile Charon, in this magnificent and controversial work, has done what other physicists were afraid to do. He has offered hard evidence that we are immortal. He has connected the ‘explainable’ to the ‘unexplainable’. Charon states, “Kicking a hole in a wall to get a view may be a bit radical, but as long as the wall stays intact, no one sees anything!” I can profess that the wall was adequately removed, almost 30 years ago, when Jean Emile Charon published this book.

If you are a seeker, like myself; if you thrive for answers to life’s unexplained situations, this book helps to fill in the gaps. This is not light reading however it is truly enlightened reading. Much appreciation goes to translator, Philip “Phil” Gagnon, Sr. for bringing this work into the American market. I recommend this book to each and everyone.

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