Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Letters - Sean Hanzelik

When horrific atrocities are happening in the world, where is God? When an innocent child is being abused, where is Jesus? When your life is going terribly wrong and everything is falling down around you, where is our Savior?

The answer to each of these questions is, “He is there.” Sometimes He speaks to us and sometimes, He sends us letters.

“Dear Reader, It is now time for you to read this book. I have helped write it for your enjoyment and for your enlightenment. Listen to your heart as you read, and hear My message. I look forward to speaking to you in the very near future. God.” You might find this to be ‘over the top’ until you crack open the book and read the divine messages displayed upon its pages.

Sean Hanzelik has captured the extraordinary examples of how God reaches us and compiled them in what promises to be a breakout novel, The Letters. Why would I make such a profound statement about this book? Because The Letters’ most important gift is not the story, but the messages it delivers.

This book makes such a huge impact because it describes how there are no ‘random events’ in our lives. God works in mysterious ways and He is always working. Even in the midst of our struggles and pains, Jesus is there. He so desperately wants us to turn our lives over to him rather than take on the world’s circumstances on our own; however, it is always up to us to make that decision.

When reading The Letters, you will feel each and every character. You will identify with their successes and what seem to be their failures. You WILL feel their pains. Most of all, however, you will feel their redemptions and you will realize how Christ is always standing ready to enter into our lives. We are always within the reach of His outstretched arms. Life’s tests and trials come as opportunities to make us stronger, not to destroy us. As one of Hanzelik’s characters, Odessa Greene states, “Wherever God puts you is a blessing.”

The Letters is an extraordinary novel about extremely ordinary people. There are several champions for Christ in this book however the only hero is the “Love of God”. There are no enemies or evil foes represented between the pages, only the people who keep the characters from Jesus’ love…themselves.

Sean Hanzelik has created a story worthy of the bestseller lists. I hope you will take the time to read The Letters and share it with anyone who can benefit from its message and I believe that anyone is everyone.

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